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The company has developed a set of R & D, design, manufacture and sales, with metal cutting and metal forming and other general machinery as the main business of the international, professional, automated equipment company.

Diversified products

Our products are widely used in various industries, our products have been sold all over the country, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

Excellent team professional service

Create a team full of creative passion and creative elite team, the company hired Italy professional technical adviser, the Italy high-end technology, professional production, professional customer service service, professional product sales, for the company to create a high-quality products.

Professional service use assured

yiweite people "character, enterprises and products, products, three in one" work values, technical solutions for the customer to make the high precision and high efficiency, low cost and safety for customer demand.

Quality service first-class after-sales

The company uses ISO9001 quality management system to carry out a full range of quality management, with excellent quality, novel design, perfect after-sales service, customers become partners.


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  Zhejiang Yiweite Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is engaged in supplying automatic and intelligent technical services which assist clients with high benefit and high quality products. Yiweite focus on providing the technical proposal that best match the needs of clients and escort for their products by continuous innovation.

  Yiweite is a conglomeration and cradle for cultivating talents and professionals majoring in mechanism design, manufacturing, automatization and electric engineering with advanced consciousness, first-class R&D design capability, positive energy, spirit of studying and rich experience in this area.

  YiWeiTe rapidly grown into an international, professional and automatic Machinery cooperation integrating with R&D, production and sales under the hardworking and enterprising of its professional team after establish and specialized in producing machinery of metal cutting, metal forming. Currently Yiweites products sell very well all over the country and export to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and etc.

  Yiweite now is employing Professional technology consultants and adopting advanced Technology from Italy. Currently the products cover: waterwheel type multi-axis combination processing plane, and Intelligent assembly machine series. Yiweite products design is initiated and has obtained patents granted by the National Patent Bureau with superior performance, security and stability which usage experience access to customer praise. The company also adopts the ISO9001 quality management system to realize total quality management and Yiweite is a reliable cooperative partner of our clients with excellent quality, innovative design and perfect after-sales service.

  Personality is everything. Yiweite people focus on Personal Quality, Enterprise Quality, Product Quality, three-in-one “ as the core value of working and do the utmost to provide high-precision, high efficiency, low cost and secure technical proposal which best match the needs of clients.

  Yiweite commit to realize the grand vision of "develop machinery equipment of China original brand, and become the world's well-known national brand" through the implementation of the management policy "technology innovation, market development, independent management, quality assurance", and always taking customers and quality as first.

  Yiweite take “MEET CUSTOMER REQUIREMENT” as the soul for the development of company, and customer first, service upmost” as the commitment to customers forever. Provide users with comprehensive technical support and efficient, quick after-sales service to solve the customer's worries. Where there is a need, there we are! Yiweite, your trustworthy partnership!


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